Product Development Process
  • 01
    Project planning review

    《Project planning review Form》

  • 02
    Product Demand Survey

    《Product Demand Survey Form》

  • 03
    Product desing and validation

    《Product Scheme Desing Confirmation Form》
    《Initial Product Specification》

  • 04
    Program Review

    《Scheme Design Review Form》

  • 05
    Approval first finished product

    《First Sample Confirmation Report》

  • 06
    Sample making

    《Sample delivery inspection report》

  • 07
    Sample completion

    《Sample Production Requirements Table》
    《Sample Summary Report》

  • 08
    Sample acceptance

    《Lithium Battery and Power Supply Scheme Matching Verification Table》
    《Signed and Sealed Product Specifications》

  • 09

    《Product specification confirmation》

  • 10
    Sample making

    《Sample delivery inspection report》